Coronado Industry Co., Limited

Coronado Industry Co., Limited

OEM aoto stamp 007-washer


Metal stamping process, precision metal stamping

Material: stainless steel, carbon steel,alumnium, brass. Mostly used: SS304,AISI 1015

Finish: powder coating, painting, zinc plating, galvanizing

Process: separating process-blanking, cutting, piercing, notching, trimming, parting, shaving; forming-bending, edge coiling, curling, drawing, ironing, embossing, flanging, bulging, necking, flaring, restriking, restriking, printing, twisting, cold extruding, upset forging, spinning.

Application: automotive, consruction, appliance, railway, electric case, case, housing, cover, displayer
Capacity: weight from 0.01 to 25kg , wall thickness up to 0.1mm, 5000T annually

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