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Coronado Industry Co., Limited

OEM largest heavy equipment 013

Material: aluminum, copper, steel. Mostly used: Al6061,6063,7075,2014 AISI 1015, 1020, SS304, SS316.
Key words: shaft, ring, pump, valve, tie-rod end, spray gun,draft link, clamp, steer knuckle arm
USP: ISO/TS16949 ISO14001 certificated, PPAP III, 34-year experience
Process: precision die forging, aluminum and stainless steel forging, smith forging(free forging) , drop forging, press forging, upset forging
Equipment: 300-2500T electric hydraulic die forge hammer, 100kJ PLC forging hammer, 80kJ PLC forging hammer, 50kJ PLC forging hammer, 31.5 kJ PLC forging hammer,hot die forge press, air forge hammer, crankshaft press, friction press, in house mold making and heat treatment, magnetic partical detector
Applications: automotive, bike, motorcycle, aviation,high-speed rail,armarium, textile machinery
Capacity: weight from 0.01 to 20kg, 500,000pcs monthly
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