Coronado Industry Co., Limited

Coronado Industry Co., Limited

OEM CNC machine 004-washer


Material: aluminum, brass, steel, titanium, magnesium. Mostly used: Al6061, 62 brass, 12L14, SS304, Titanium GR5.

Finish: Zn-Ni, anodizing, chrome plating, galvanizing, sand blasting
Process: CNC machining, milling, grindingturning, EDM,laser cutting, welding, cold heading
Equipment: 4-axle CNC, 5-axle CNC, over 200 lathes, Zeiss 3CMM
Application: engine, damping, cellphone, gun, bike, electronics, socket, spacer, bracket, housing, cartridge, lever, stud, grommet, cone, nozzle, adapter, gear ,wheel, cover, shaft, plate, cylinder, ring, valve
Capacity: weight from 0.001 to 80kg, hundreds of new products developed annually.

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